this lady is awesome!!! after having so many readings Nancy has told me things in way iI have never been told before that it certainly opened my eyes!!! she is lovely person to chat with n a fast typer..connects extremely well!! and i say to all looking for answers go to Nancy!!

Thanks so much... XYZ


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A Healing Touch

On Hindustan Times, Kolkata
Published: Monday, June 3, 2013

"When the body is sick, it's all a matter of the frequencies of the body being out of tune, off balance. Alternative healing helps bring those back into balance".

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Every illness has a spiritual meaning

On Business Economics
Published: June 01-15, 2013

"There is no harm in trying natural remedies to cure simple problems. Positive affirmations, a remedies are a way forward in today's stressful ever changin world".

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Looking ahead: On the cards

By Pauline M. Forte, Staff Reporter
Published: February 26, 2009

Nancy discovered she was an intuitive reader when she was just five years old. "My mother was pregnant and I went around the neighbourhood telling people that she had a boy,'' Nancy said.

Her intuition was spot on as her mother delivered a boy.

Then in her late teens, she had dreams that came true. "I was very close to one of my cousins (who was 3 years old) and dreamt that he was choking. I rang his mother and it was right he had swallowed a nail,'' Nancy said.

For the past 20 years, she's been reading the future of people with the help of tarot cards in London where she grew up, and more recently in Dubai, where she has been featured on air on two radio stations.

"The reason I chose to pursue intuitive reading as a career was because I was advising people all the time about things that would happen and also about issues in their relationships,'' Nancy said.

"I've always had intuitive insights into what would happen in people's lives. It was a natural progression to help them and offer counselling.''

She came to Dubai earlier this month because one of her clients in Dubai wanted to meet her. “She wanted me to help change other people's lives so she sponsored my trip,'' said Nancy who is in town until March 1.

Her clients in Dubai comprise mainly Indians, Pakistanis and some Caucasians who consult her on various issues including marital problems, financial difficulties and career. She also gets clients visiting her out of pure curiosity.

"I love to see people get motivated and advance in their careers. It's also nice to hear people tell me that they've left their partner due to an abusive relationship.''

Although she uses the same pack of tarot cards everywhere, she said she doesn't really need this as she uses it merely to link with people. " do readings on the phone from London and can read a person just by linking in,'' she said.

After Dubai, she will head to Delhi where she has many clients, including many Bollywood stars, besides her own TV show, The Tarot Show. Nancy is also hoping to bag a regular slot on a Dubai radio station.

Tarot Facts

As soon as a client visits Nancy, she asks them to wash their hands to get rid of the various energies absorbed by them when they hold keys or handle money.

Then she notes down their name and date of birth which enables her to identify the star sign they come under. She then makes them shuffle a deck of cards and divide it into three piles. Next she asks which one they want her to read first.


Nancy: An entrepreneur who is in the business of healing and predicting your future

By YourStory Team
Published Date: Tuesday, 28 December 2010
Published On: Your Story.in

Nancy is a mind-based entrepreneur. A complementary therapist, tarot cards instructor, practicing psychic—she wears many hats. Trained in psychology and sociology, Nancy has many years’ experience of teaching.

She is also an emotional transformation practitioner and love and relationship consultant. She has dabbled in crafts and also has City and Guilds qualifications in machine embroidery, interior design, painting and decorating, plumbing, and a lot more. This multifaceted entrepreneur talked to Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist on her journey.

YourStory: What propelled you into the "uncertain" world of tarot card reading and predicting the future despite pursuing a domain of different nature?

Nancy: It has never been uncertain. Everybody wants to know their future. Besides predicting future, I worked in London as a lecturer and I have never found it to be uncertain. What propelled me into it is the fact that I have been psychic for a very long time. I started predicting when I was as young as 4 or 5 and I continued predicting for my friends during schooling. When I was around 18, many wanted me to choose this as my profession, but I didn’t want to quit studying and I chose to pursue Psychology and Thestiology. Alongside any work I was involved, I always carried my psychic work and my complementary therapy work. I have had lot of people coming down to hear my predictions and my work spread through more of word of mouth.

YS: Would you call yourself as an entrepreneur?

Nancy: I call myself an entrepreneur as I am very eventual. I have tried many different businesses, even in India. I have a gift to survive in any kind of atmosphere, be it doing business in India or any other country which I am not used to. I am very much an entrepreneur.

YS: Do you have to connect emotionally for your job with your clients?

Nancy: I don’t have to get emotionally involved. Yes, emotions do come into it when there is a situation where the client’s mind is in extreme distress. So, I do think about it and I always keep in mind. People do call me on a regular basis just to check on various things—from Hong Kong or London. That’s human nature. Especially in this part of the world, people don’t even get married until they check their horoscope. When you said that it is a career dealing with the ‘uncertain’, I wholeheartedly disagree because everybody in this world is desperate to know what is to become of their family, their career, their health and finances.

In a period where 2012 is approaching and as you can see the weather in this country has never been so bad. It’s sultry in Delhi. This is because there is a huge shift in planet and 2012 is a very important year. So there is more uncertainty within people’s relationships and jobs. People you have never imagined to become ill are dwelling on drugstore and it’s happening to lots of people.

YS: What would you say is your success rate?

Nancy: I would say am 98% accurate, 98.99% accurate is what my clients say about my predictions.

YS: Any amusing anecdote. . .

Nancy: Well, to be honest, I am not flaunting myself but most of things I do predict come true. I don’t remember any amusing anecdote, but I recall an interesting event. I have a radio show that goes on air in Dubai, where I do live reading to anyone who wishes to speak to me. I spoke to a gentleman who wanted to know about his son’s studies. I asked him to allow his son to be what he wanted to be and told him that he is extremely talented and very musical. But he started crying on air. He said that his son doesn’t study well but I said that he doesn’t as he is not interested in studying but he is a very good musician. Two or three days later, he called the radio station and said that he is in better terms with his son because he had allowed his son to chase his dreams—a career in music. He is much happier. Unfortunately, in this country no one wants their son to be a musician. They want them to be engineers, doctors or lawyers.