First reading with Nancy and she was spot on with a load of issues that I currently have going on in my life at present without a lot of insight given by me she homes in immediately on issues and is very honest with her responses - very impressed .

Thanks so much... XYZ


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Aries Dear Aries 2014 is going to be a very interesting and eventful year for you indeed. The cards are indicating a time of challenges in your relationship or marriage matters this year. Unfortunately this stress will be continuing from last year. The middle of 2014 things will start easing in your personal life. There may be some health issues around your partner. The cards are also indicating the possibility of another relationship that can also cause stress in your relationship.

Be careful of your strong urge to break away and remain distant. You will be feeling better about work as there will be some major achievements and hope of increments and promotions. Make it a point not to spend unnecessarily on items you do not need. There is also a strong indication of a property transaction this year. Try meditation regularly to keep your mind calm and at peace.



Taurus Dear Taurus a wonderful time for work and all your hard work in the past is definitely paying off. This is a time when you need to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way and to complete them on time This is a time for serious hard work and accomplishments. It is strongly indicated that you need to work in a strong team. You will not be thinking about love and marriage much…as this is not going to be your priority. Your work will take over your life and you will be on a mission. You will get into some casual acquaintances.

You may think about marriage and commitment towards the end of the year. You will be making some plans to take a few breaks in between your busy work schedule which will do you and your body a lot of good. Spend more time with relatives..



Gemini Dear Gemini this year will be a great time for growth especially in your work and your professional life. The cards are showing that you are going to be in a very strong position and your finances are also going to be a lot better in the second half of the year. If looking for a more stable relationship you may decide to tie the knot in the second half. Marriage and proposals will come in and you will need to make decisions. You will feel at peace mentally and also you will feel that your life is going as according to your requirements.

You will feel charged up and full of energy for most of the year. Do not allow anyone’s negativity to affect your positive feelings. You may look at changing your car this year. You will be looking at a red or white car.



Cancer Dear Cancer this year is going to be a very fruitful year for you. You have so many dreams and ideas and your motivation is going to be on a high. Your personal connections are going to be extremely valuable to you at the beginning of this year. You have a lot of ideas to sort through, and your friends can be very helpful in making this happen. You will be very confident and financially there will be highs and lows, but you will have to make sure you keep a constant eye on what is coming in and start saving.

There will be some interest in arts and you may take on a short hobby course. There will be some interest in a special person by June/July. If you are dating, you will be looking at your future together. You will thinking of moving. This has been onr your mind.



Leo Dear Leo This year will be a fantastic year for work, with expansion and huge gains. Your confidence will be on a high right now with the cards showing that you will be focused on new work and projects. The seond half ot he year will be a little slower but things will still be on a level You have been dreaming of changes and visualizing what you want, now is the time to reap some tasty rewards. You may suffer from a lack of energy. It would be a good idea to have your blood checked for any problems.

Married folk out there will have involvements outside of their relationship. You will not be giving your spouse much attention. Travel with loved ones is on the cards. Your marriage will go through some stressful periods. A person you know from the past might come back and you will have exciting meetings.



Virgo Dear Virgo the cards are showing that the year will offer your growth and numerous gains at work. Love and marriage will be more harmonious. You will want your partner to be a bit more giving, and you need to be careful that you do not start becoming over demanding. Your cards are indicating a time of a lot more socializing and friends around you. You need to be careful of flirtattions, that can interfere in your relationship. The year will be a lot better in terms of finances and well being. Your persistent hard work and new plans and ideas will give you a continous motivation and energy.

Be careful how you deal with people at the beginning of the year as you will need to keep your ego in check. You will be some new furnishings and re decorate the house in the summer months with some interesting schemes.



Scorpio Dear Scorpio 2014 is going to be a fantastic year for you. You will be glad to see the beginning of a new year, and after so many struggles last year. You are able to look forward to some fantastic times professionally. Make sure that you do not continue to spend money you do not have. You need to keep your expenses in control. You may experience some stress in your relationships and if married you will not always have a peaceful relationship. Due to some unexpected financial pressures these issues will bring in instability in your relationship.You will be keeping there in to yourself and not wanting to discuss everything with your family or partner.

Be careful of taking rash decisions. Your temperament needs to be kept in control as you may end up in some difficult situations due to your temper. An exciting year coming up, enjoy the ride



Capricorn Dear Capricorn the year begins with you being busy in every area of your life. You may find that there is some home decoration and maintenance to carry out. Romantic ties need t be kept strong and you also need to put in adequate effort to maintain the bond. After a year of struggle your mind is made up that you will not allow the same situations to occur this year. Your mind is like an inferno of ideas and colours with everything magnified into reality and goals. There will be a lot of progress this year, with your energy levels being charged up.

You will need to keep the work/love relationship balance this year. You will be involved in a lot of social groups and discussions, You may even get into public speaking. There will be opportunities around you which will take you to new heights.



Aquarius Dear Aquarius 2014 interesting year. You will be making many plans at work and you will find out that there are some changes coming up. There will be new roles and positions. Your job role will be defined by more responsibility. There will be some traveling involved and you may also work in another city or state. You will have some plans to put in place some policies and protect your family. There will be plans in place but you will want to increase the values. You are also feeling that you need to have regular health checks as you are not keen on these.

You may not have a fantastic relationship with your spouse but you will be able to sort things out. You need to spend more time with the family. With work and pressures it has not always been possible. There may be some upsetting news to deal with at the end of the year.



Pisces Dear Pisces this year the cards are indicating a time when you are going to be very busy and not only with work. You will be like a social butterfly and wanting to meet everyone and be everywhere. There will be some lovely people around you this year who are helpful and caring. Work will be a little boring so you will be looking for other opportunities.You may be thinking about setting something up for yourself. You will be looking at ways to increase your curiosity about spirituality and take up some workshops or courses. Your parents will be planning some trips for the family.

You are going to try your skills out in the kitchen this year that is also something you would like to try. Takng time out and meditating will also do you good this year. This year will start off with an emotional high.