I had 2/3 readings with Nancy. My readings have been accurate, informative and insightful. I would happily recommend Nancy as a sensitive reader. What really caught me about Nancy was her insight to my specific situation and the outcome of it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nancy as a reader - you will not be disappointed.

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Accurate Tarot Card Readings and predictions by Nancy Jade Althea in Delhi NCR

I am a natural psychic who tunes in to your vibrations and gives you a clear and honest advice. I am especially good at relationship readings and can remove any blocks, guiding you how to remove them. I am a medium and clairaudient and give soul psychic readings giving you clear direction and truthful advice. I will give you a direct and honest approach in your psychic readings. I use the Tarot Cards as a tool when doing my Psychic Readings. I am able to receive messages and information from my Angels and Guides to answer your most urgent questions.

I began giving psychic readings after I had several dreams that came true. I began predicting events, situations and outcomes for friends more as a joke but it turned out my predictions were right. I was encouraged by a friend to start doing tarot readings. Now I no longer need cards to give a psychic reading and use them just as a guide.


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Leo   Virgo   Libra   Scorpio   Cancer   Aquarius


Psychic Reading for Relationship

Pychic Reading for Relationship

Perhaps you have not yet found the right person to share your life with. A relationship oriented psychic reading can be extremely helpful if you are searching for happiness in love.

Psychic Readings for Business

Pychic Reading for Business

Whether you are looking to evaluate your marketing plan, make financial investments or expand your business. I can help you refine your vision and make the right decision to achieve your goals.

Psychic Readings for Career

Pychic Reading for Career

I can provide Career Advice, Career Advancement, Changing Careers & other guidance just for you based on your birth chart and astrology reading.